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SYNEDREX has proven itself to be the most advanced weight loss thermogenic of its kind. SYNEDREX is physician formulated, using the highest quality ingredients that have passed through our vigorous high standards. There’s no mistaking the mental focus, appetite control and potent energy of SYNEDREX with any other on the market.

Due to the strength of SYNEDREX, please assess your tolerance by initially taking only 1 capsule upon awakening for the first 3 days. After assessment, if effects last longer than 15 hours, consider alternating dosage to every other day. With caution, you may increase up to 2 capsules in the AM. DO NOT take more than 2 capsules daily or 12 hours prior to desired bedtime. Only Thyrene, and Hydravax may be combined with SYNEDREX for a more customized weight loss solution.


"Superior nutrition never tasted this good!"

Premium pharmaceutical grade engineered protein that is ideal for pre and post bariatric patients.
Physician Formulated Weight Loss Solution

1 Capsule = 12+ Hours
of Limitless Energy, Intense Mental Focus and Boosts Metabolism.