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• Accelerates Metabolism*
• Decreases Body Fat*
• Eliminates Appetite*
• Powerful Long Lasting Energy*
• Intense Mental Focus*

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Doctors who study metabolism, have identified 4 critical problems areas which are affecting your metabolism.
The four problems are:
Problem #1
Deficient Calorie burning
Problem #2
Low energy and focus
Problem #3 Poor Carbohydrate assimilation
Problem #4 Out-of-Control Hunger

Like every person, you can relate to one...if not all of these areas. Not to mention that age, work and life stresses can make these problems even worse for you to maintain a well balanced fast that you can keep off those unwanted pounds!.

Our Physician Formulated weight loss solution is what you need to transform your slow functioning metabolism into a calorie burning furnace. Start now!

What does this mean to you?

One Synedrex capsule will deliver 12+ hours of powerful fat burning energy and power.

SYNEDREX is physician formulated for individuals who want to lose weight, drop body fat, and boost energy NOW!

Muscle Torque Energy
Superior to Creatine!

100% Stable and absorbable phosphate bonded
"Superior nutrition never tasted this good!"

Premium pharmaceutical grade engineered protein that is ideal for pre and post bariatric patients.
Physician Formulated Weight Loss Solution

1 Capsule = 12+ Hours
of Limitless Energy, Intense Mental Focus and Metabolism Acceraltion.