LA Fit Expo Recap

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Boom! The 2016 LA Fit Expo is in the bag but certainly not forgotten. With record crowds and the unending thirst for knowledge and power, consumers flooded the aisles checking out the latest wares by more than 700 vendors. Mixed among the aisles of products were staged events for strongman, powerlifting, physique competitions, arm-wrestling and, my [...]

Metabolic Nutrition Launches Sleek New Website

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"Metabolic Nutrition Launches Sleek New Website with New Features and Enhanced Consumer Information" Metabolic Nutrition today unveiled its new company website, which has already seen an impressive 144 percent increase in traffic since relaunch. The eye-catching new site will provide key information about the company and its line of incredibly effective products to top athletes, health-minded [...]

Metabolic Nutrition Prepares For 2015 Arnold Sports Festival and Fitness EXPO

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"Metabolic Nutrition Exhibiting at 2015 Arnold Sports Festival and Fitness EXPO This Week" Top health company Metabolic Nutrition will host an informational booth at this week’s Arnold Fitness EXPO, part of the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival running Thursday, March 5 – Sunday, March 8. Metabolic Nutrition will provide product samples and other giveaways, and introduce new [...]

Metabolic Nutrition Takes A Stand Against Deceptive Amino Spiking of Protein

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"Metabolic Nutrition Calls on Supplement Companies to Halt Deceptive Amino Spiking of Protein Products" Leading health and fitness company Metabolic Nutrition today is calling upon other dietary supplement companies and manufacturers to stop “amino spiking” their products and to help bring an end to this misleading practice that defrauds consumers and hurts the industry. While Metabolic [...]

Now Available At Vitamin Shoppe: Metabolic Nutrition’s BCAA Supplement Tri-PEP

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Now Available at Vitamin Shoppe: Metabolic Nutrition’s Revolutionary Endurance and Muscle Building Supplement Tri-Pep Branched-Chain Amino Acid Leading health supplement company Metabolic Nutrition today announced that its popular Tri-Pep Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement will now be featured at all Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide. A powerful supplement that increases physical stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery, Tri-Pep [...]