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The funny thing about business is sometimes you never know you are going to start one until something brings a calling to your purpose in life.

Born on April 10th, 1936 in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Cohen grew up as 1 of 5 siblings to the parents of Joseph and Tillie Cohen. Raised on old world values of hard work and helping people, motivated him through his studies and on to medical school to pursue his dream of practicing Internal Medicine. Once practicing as a medical doctor, Dr. Cohen took tremendous pride in treating all his patients as if they were his only one. He believed in the personal attention in listening, learning and providing care to his patients with only one goal…to make them healthy again.

But times changed and that means the way medicine was practiced would change as well. It became less about the patients’ needs and more about insurance billing and pharmaceutical drug prescriptions. Patient needs became an afterthought and that didn’t sit well with Dr. Cohen. He knew there was a better way, a healthier way, to improve the lives of his patients. Tired of prescribing drugs, Dr. Cohen asked himself, “Why can’t nutrition improve the lives of my patients?” Dr. Cohen then realized he had used food and nutritional supplements as a “natural” solution to help himself and his family become healthy and wanted to do the same for his patients.

LCdr. Cohen – Medical Doctor
U.S. Navy Surgical Team
Rach Gia Vietnam – Civilian Trauma Hospital – 1967

In practicing medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Cohen observed and studied the correlation between different health issues as they related to the metabolism and how these metabolic issues were changed or reversed through healthy diet and nutritional supplementation.

After years of studies into the field, Dr. Cohen concluded that there was a definite and predicable way that his patients’ lives could be made better with the proper diet and nutritional supplementation and he was determined to make a difference in their lives. In the summer of 1987, Dr. Cohen made the decision to close his medical practice and pursue a new career & calling and founded, Metabolic Nutrition.

Going against the established medical industry with an alternative “natural” way to heal the body to better health wasn’t so easy back in the day. Society was still programmed to believe prescription medication was the answer to better health, but Dr. Cohen knew better. Metabolic Nutrition started off small, really small in fact. Gone was the fancy office, replaced by a bare and mundane 250 sq. ft sublet corner office in an industrial warehouse. Dr. Cohen worked hard and grew the company until he had his own dedicated 3,500 sq. ft warehouse. During this time, he developed several innovative first-to-market products such as MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil), for increased digestion, energy and metabolism. Glycerol, for increased body and muscle hydration. Digestive Enzymes, for better nutritional uptake of macro-nutrients. Last but not least, Power Pasta, a protein infused pasta developed over 30 years ago before functional foods were even a category in the marketplace.

In the summer of 2008, Dr. Cohen passed the helm to his son, Jay, to continue the family business. Excited about the opportunity, Jay wanted to make his own mark on the industry and that was making sure his customers had the best nutritional supplements.

Ten years later, in 1997, Dr. Cohen asked his son Jay to join him to continue his efforts to provide nutritional supplementation to help improve the lives of people across the country. Then and there, Jay realized his purpose and calling and made the commitment to continue his Father’s message: proper nutrition and dietary supplementation is the only way to better health. For 11 years Jay worked side-by-side next to his father and in the summer of 2008, Dr. Cohen passed the helm to Jay to continue the family business.

Excited about the opportunity, Jay wanted to make his own mark on the industry and that was making sure his customers had the best nutritional supplements. But how? Jay realized that up until this point Metabolic Nutrition had always relied on contract manufacturers to make the products for them. Jay felt the only way to make the best products was to “manufacture” it themselves. This would give them the ability to source the “best of the best” raw ingredients, instill better quality control measures and manufacture them in specific ways to insure our customers only received the best possible nutritional supplements.

The new renaissance for Metabolic Nutrition began. New machinery was acquired, new raw vendors where contacted and the manufacturing began. The quality improved dramatically, and their customers let them know by supporting them even more. They knew they were on to something, so they kept investing every dollar made into improving their manufacturing, from machinery, to raw materials, to experienced personnel. The support from their customers was amazing, allowing them to grow from 3 employees and 3,500 sq. ft warehouse to our current 60+ employees and a state-of-the-art 50,000 sq. ft multi-million-dollar manufacturing warehouse of today.

Who would have thought 1 question from a young local hometown doctor from Brooklyn, NY, would lead to his calling & purpose in life, build a company called Metabolic Nutrition, that 30 years later continues to make a difference in our customers lives.

Every minute of every day, the Metabolic Nutrition team works each day remembering the question Dr. Cohen asked himself 30 years ago, “Why can’t nutrition improve the lives of my patients?” to which we respond by answering, “We can…with Metabolic Nutrition”.