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MN Cardillo Men’s Lifting Belt

$229.95 $169.95

Made by the #1 Custom Weight Belt Manufacturer in the World, Cardillo USA


Made by the #1 Custom Weight Belt Manufacturer in the World, Cardillo USA

Please be sure to check the instructions on measuring for a weight belt before confirming your order. Weight Belts are non-returnable/non-refundable.

Additional information

Training Belt Size M

L – 39” Center – Will fit 36” to 40” Comfortably, M – 36” Center – Will fit 33” to 37” Comfortably, S – 33” Center – Will fit 30” to 34” Comfortably, XL – 42” Center – Will fit 39” to 43” Comfortably, XS – 30” Center – Will fit 27” to 31” Comfortably


  • 4″ Back
  • Tapered to 2 ½” Front
  • Red/Black Garment Leather (inside and out)
  • Single ply
  • 2 Prong
  • All specs meet the requirements of all Powerlifting Federations and Strongman Contests.


1 – If you have an existing belt (or have access to a belt), measure from the end of the roller (on the buckle) to the hole that is most comfortable for you.

2 – If you do not have access to a belt, measure yourself around your belly button and get a relaxed measurement.
The measurement obtained is what you will use to properly size yourself for a Cardillo weight belt.

The measurements shown in the “Select Your Size” section represent he center set of holes. This measurement is the distance from the end of the roller to the center set of holes on each belt. We have also listed suggested sizes for each belt. Please remember, the further you get away from the center set of holes, you will either have too much tongue or not enough tongue to cinch the belt tight.